Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family history in Gloucestershire

If you have roots in the Forest of Dean area of Gloucestershire you are in luck - there is a wonderful resource for genealogists at Forest of Dean Family History Pages. FOD-net as it's called contains a goldmine of parish records, memorial inscriptions, photos, surname interests, etc as well as a forum where you can connect with people searching for the same surname or in the same area. The forum is very well-used, so if you post a query you are likely to receive advice and assistance from some knowledgeable people. I have found numerous family members in the transcribed parish records - the search engine is clear and easy to use.

In the same area I have also found Chris Newell's annotated burials for Westbury on Severn between 1889-1895. If you have a relative who died in Westbury on Severn during this period, the Rev. Leonard Wilkinson's marginal notes on the burials make fascinating reading. Usually burial records contain little more than names, ages, and perhaps causes of death - these contain the Reverend's notes on the manner of death as well as some of his thoughts about the deceased.

William Good has transcribed parish registers in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire - he also includes some wills and pedigrees. I found loads of information on my FLUCK relatives here.

Finally, if your Gloucestershire relatives lived anywhere near the Cotswolds, you must visit Allan Taylor's site - it is a goldmine of contacts, listing email addresses and information from people searching for various surnames. I have found several living relatives using Allan's site.

All of these sites show the wonderful generosity of family historians who volunteer their time not only to transcribe local records but also to make then available online. Thank you to all these generous genealogists - I hope you get as much pleasure from knowing how useful they are as we do when we find our relatives in them!

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